Airport Conflicts
Season Three, Episode Six
The man waiting at the airport
Air date February 24, 2012
Written by Donner Damn
Directed by Seth Runs
Episode chronology
"Job Doesn't Matter"
Removal of Gambling
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"Airport Conflicts" is the sixth episode of the third season of the animated series Daily life. It is the series finale. The episode originally aired on February 24, 2012 on GoAnimate. "Airport Conflicts" was written by series creator Donner Damn and directed by Seth Runs, one of the founders of Koopatrev Productions.

In this episode, a man gets a day off work for a vacation, which does not end up as expected.


While excusing himself to a vacation to Los Angeles, a man goes on a train to the airport. However, the plane does not seem to work properly.

Production and developmentEdit

"Airport Conflicts" was written by Donner Damn and and directed by Seth Runs.[1] This is the season and series finale for Daily life, though the same title for the episode was used in The Daily Lives's first season.[2] Also, this is the only episode to be over two minutes in length.[1]

The episode also used characters from another character set, such as "Lil' Petz".[2] A "ninja" was also used.[2] The music and voice functions were all prepared by the GoAnimate studio.


In its original broadcast on February 24, 2012, "Airport Conflicts" was watched by 5 people. It gained a B rating on Koopatrev Solo, with the comment "A great end to the series".[3]

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