Best Cave (season 1)
Country of Origin United States
No. of episodes 14
Original channel GoAnimate
Original run March 10, 2013 — present
Season chronology

The first season of the animated web series Best Cave, which was created by Seth Runs, premiered on GoAnimate on March 10, 2013.


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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Season Episode # Total Episodes #
"Pilot"Seth RunsSeth RunsMarch 10, 2013 1 1
Todd discovers something strange about the new neighbor that just moved in; his parents, Dan and Terry, decide to invite them over for dinner, causing Todd to tell his friends, Eric and Fred, that they must kill their neighbor, as it may be a threat to their lives. They decide to build a swimming pool to drown them, but then realize that this is no use.
"Todd Loves Shooting"Seth RunsSeth Runs March 17, 2013 2 2
Todd accidentally throws a rock at Eric, which causes their parents to keep their children home at all times. The other kids then become outraged, and gangs up against Todd to throw him out of the community. Fred tries to cover up for Todd by making up a story, which then frightens the other kids; this works, but soon discovers that the community will punish him when they find out that the story is a lie.
"Water Pump Dry"Seth RunsSeth RunsMarch 24, 2013 3 3
Eric borrows a book from Todd and accidentally loses it, so he tries to rewrite it. Eric's rewritten version becomes a massive hit within the community, much to Todd's confusion. However, when they discover Todd has never read a book before after having trouble doing a live reading event, they decide to have him read for the entire weekend, changing him into an entirely different person. Meanwhile, Eric's parents go out to visit the 'dangerous zone' of the community. Instead of the fabled dangerous dinosaurs that were said to be there, they discover a massive amounts of resources that they want to keep for themselves.
"Lunch for Seven"Seth RunsSeth RunsMarch 31, 2013 4 4
Eric's parents' lecture Eric on the importance of sharing, which he never really understands. Meanwhile, Todd is prepared to cook the best meal ever for his family.
"Thinking Probability"Seth RunsSeth RunsApril 7, 2013 5 5
Fred, Fred's dad, decides to go hunting.
"Backhand"Seth RunsSeth RunsApril 14, 2013 6 6
Todd gets hunted down by animals after visiting the forest, so Dan and Terry then teach him 'defense' skills to keep him safe.
"Testicular Cancer"Seth RunsSeth RunsApril 21, 2013 7 7
Fred and Bennette get fed up with Fred when he is unable to speak properly. Meanwhile, Eric and Todd get lost in the 'dangerous zone'.
"Apologies"Seth RunsSeth RunsOctober 6, 2013 8 8
After pranking the school teacher, Eric has to find a way to apologize to him without losing his dignity.
"Worst Cave"Seth RunsSeth RunsOctober 13, 2013 9 9
The town of Best Cave becomes ridiculed after a controversial incident happens in the town, but only they seem to be unaware of what the incident was.
"May I Speak Before You?"Seth RunsSeth RunsOctober 20, 2013 10 10
Fred and Todd create a musical.
"Ending Country"Seth RunsSeth RunsOctober 27, 2013 11 11
The community has its annual reenactment of the birth of Best Cave.
"Indoors Tournament"Seth RunsSeth RunsNovember 3, 2013 12 12
"Losing My Region"Seth RunsSeth RunsNovember 10, 2013 13 13
"T is For Invent"Seth RunsSeth RunsNovember 17, 2013 14 14

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