The cancellation of twelve episodes of the animated web series The Daily Lives was an incident which occurred in May 2012. The 2012 series The Daily Lives, created by Koopatrev Productions co-founder Donner Damn, was pushed from its original premiere date of May 25, 2012 to September 28, 2012, due to being a midseason replacement which forced it to air four months after its original planned release. The original release date for the first episode to air ("Pilot") was May 25, 2012, which was then canceled along with 11 other episodes. New titles for the episodes were set for release on September 28, 2012. The reasoning for this cancellation was that the mid-season replacement could be disrupting the writing period which is typically between May and August.

The Daily Lives replaced Daily life, despite having the replacement three months after its cancellation. People Offers also replaced Daily life on April 11, 2012. The cancellation of Daily life was questioned, though Koopatrev Community responded it as "low ratings".[1][2][3] The ratings are counted as the "amount of views".[3]



The Daily Lives

The idea "just popped up"[3] on May 22, 2012,[3] just two days before series premiere. The crew managed to prevent the first episode from running, as this was discussed on this same day the idea "popped up".[3]

Twelve episodes were scheduled to air from May 25, 2012 to August 31, 2012 on the Friday timeslot on GoAnimate.[4][5] The following table lists the episodes with their corresponding air dates.

First 12 episodes that were canceled from The Daily Lives[5]
No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
1 1 "Pilot" Donner Damn Donner Damn May 25, 2012 ACX101
2 2 "Internal Wars" Donner Damn Donner Damn June 1, 2012 ACX102
3 3 "Business Man Goes on Business" Donner Damn Donner Damn June 8, 2012 ACX103
4 4 "The House Work" Donner Damn Donner Damn June 29, 2012 ACX104
5 5 "Causes and Effects: Texting at Work Donner Damn Donner Damn July 6, 2012 ACX105
6 6 "Causes and Effects: Pest Control" Donner Damn Donner Damn July 13, 2012 ACX106
7 7 "Shoot Them Out and Get Their Stuff" Donner Damn Donner Damn July 20, 2012 ACX107
8 8 "Office" Donner Damn Donner Damn July 27, 2012 ACX108
9 9 "Cost Problems" Donner Damn Donner Damn August 3, 2012 ACX109
10 10 "Matt the Cook: Customer Service" Donner Damn Donner Damn August 10, 2012 ACX110
11 11 "Doesn't Matter, Had Lunch!" Donner Damn Donner Damn August 24, 2012 ACX111
12 12 "No Money, No Food" Donner Damn Donner Damn August 31, 2012 ACX112

Mid-season replacementEdit

The episodes were canceled due to "being a mid-season replacement"[6] which could be "disturbing the writing period".[7] The Daily Lives was known to be replacing Daily life along with People Offers which started airing in April 11, 2012, and was canceled on May 1, 2013.[8]

Daily life


People Offers

Donner Damn said, "[it] isn't only having Daily life canceled that is causing trouble; it's the fact that we only have [three] series, and one in which over 10 episodes were canceled, not because of a stupid reason, but that it can't be scheduled to be put on during the writing period", in a 2012 interview with The Third-O.[9]



Koopatrev Community responded to the "incident" by saying that "it's sad that we miss 12 episodes that would have aired during the Summer" and that "[we] cannot see anything that could be disturbing any sort of period, or as they describe it, a writing period. What can be done during Summer? The shows are awfully terrible, or at least in some way it is".[3][7][10]

The incident was criticized for being "too minor"[11] by Koopatrev Solo. They responded with "it's only twelve episodes".[11] Also, the present twelve episodes were noted for being somehow, similar to the twelve episodes listed here, though the summaries or plot of these episodes are unclear, because they would have been released with the plots revealed.[12]

Plans for airing similar episodesEdit

The special episodes "Matt the Cook" and "Cause and Effect" were based on these episodes. Donner Damn responded to this with "these two 'special' or somewhat considered so are based on the twelve episodes that got canceled. Both of these plots are based on the life of some guy with a Chef's hat, or sometimes a episode talking about how things are caused with a reason, and the effect that goes with it".[13]

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