Daily life (season 1)
Country of Origin United States
No. of episodes 9
Original channel GoAnimate
Original run December 3, 2011 — December 13, 2011
Season chronology
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Daily life's first season premiered on GoAnimate on December 3, 2011. Created by Donner Damn, this season ended with a total of nine episodes.


Critical receptionEdit

The season was panned and mixed, according to self-voted ratings and Koopatrev Solo. By Koopatrev Solo, the season grade was E-, the worst one of all three.[1] The self-voted ratings were mostly mixed, from 2 to 7 out of a possible 10.[2][3]



There are 9 episodes in total, without episode names, all defaulted as a "S" and "E" code name.[4] Donner Damn responded, "This is because all episodes' content couldn't really come up with a great and catchy name. This is however done in [the] second season."[4]

Airing schedulesEdit

These episodes' airing schedules are usually unstable as they are not done in a weekly schedule. They have unpredictable day-by-day airing schedules, and sometimes they skip a day or two.[5][6]


See also: List of Daily life episodes

Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Views Season Episode # Total Episodes #
"Pilot" Donner Damn Donner Damn December 3, 2011 18 1 1
Things get uncomfortable when two friends are at a restaurant for dinner.
"S1E2" Donner Damn Donner DamnDecember 4, 2011 7 2 2
A basketball player has problems with a reporter interviewing him in a game break.
"S1E3" Donner Damn Donner DamnDecember 6, 2011 9 3 3
A class is messed up by a student.
"S1E4" Donner Damn Seth RunsDecember 7, 2011 10 4 4
A new guy at the office introduces himself as "The bitch" which causes trouble with a woman, his colleague.
"S1E5" Donner Damn Donner Damn December 8, 2011 3 5 5
A kid wants a drink from a vending machine, but does not succeed.
"S1E6" Donner Damn Seth Runs December 11, 2011 4 6 6
A kid sitting by a vending machine wants a drink, but causes trouble.
"S1E7" Seth Runs Seth Runs December 12, 2011 2 7 7
2 'pirates' are stranded on a deserted island.
"S1E8" Seth Runs Seth Runs December 13, 2011 3 8 8
2 cartoon animals are having problems together.
"S1E9" Donner Damn Donner DamnDecember 13, 2011 1 9 9
2 students have problems together.

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