House sale
Season Three, Episode One
The man and the woman discussing the deal
Air date January 13, 2012
Written by Donner Damn
Directed by Donner Damn
Episode chronology
"Wildlife Short"
"War Skit"
Daily life (season 3)
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"House Sale" is the first episode of the third season of the animated series Daily life. The episode originally aired on January 13, 2012 on GoAnimate. The episode was written and directed by series creator Donner Damn. In this episode, which was significantly longer than the other ones, a man tries to buy a house which may be too expensive for him. He tries to discuss it with a lawyer when the owner decides to ignore his attempts to get a discount.

The episode received mixed reviews for its storyline and cultural references.


A man is discussing a deal with a woman to sell her house to the man. However, when the man confronts her for using "inappropriate language", the woman is fed up and leaves. The man's boss in his job gives him a day off to buy the house. The woman gives the man another chance to discuss the deal, but he insists that she gives him a 65% off discount. The woman refuses to give him that deal, so the man hires a lawyer, who tells him that he should settle the problem himself by making it up for her by buying a present. Eventually, the deal is settled and the man is sold the house. However, there seems to be some problem with the house.

Production and developmentEdit

The music of this episode was created by default GoAnimate settings.[1]


"House sale" was watched by 9 people. The episode also received generally positive reviews; it received an A- grade from both Koopatrev Community and Koopatrev Solo.


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