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Welcome to Koopatrev's Goanimate Wiki. This site was created on December 22, 2011 and currently has 47 articles.

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Note: This message was posted on October 15, 2013 (Tuesday). I have stopped working on this wiki or will be very infrequently active. Templates, episode lists etc will not be updated or will be infrequently updated.

This wiki provides information about an 'account' "Koopatrev" on the site GoAnimate (a website which allows others to create and share animations) and the animations and shows which the production company, Koopatrev Productions, produces. Please note that this wiki probably will not be helpful to you, and contains many hoaxes. It is advised that you do not contribute to this wiki or make any edits (with the exception of spelling/grammar), as you are not familiar with the purpose this wiki exists for. If you do wish to contribute, however, you can start by watching animations on GoAnimate created by "Koopatrev", which you probably will not find, as most videos are kept private. However, you can still contact User talk:Koopatrev for advice on starting articles if you do wish to contribute to this wiki.

Note: Before contributing to this wiki, you are advised to visit this page and this page, where you will learn about what exactly this wiki exists for.

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3 August 8, 2013 December 30, 2013 10 114 3 months
22 days
Finish Koopatrev's Goanimate Wiki:News/Archive. Instructions are listed there.

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