Koopatrev Productions
Koopatrev Productions




June 26, 2010


Donner Damn


Los Angeles, California, United States

Area served


Koopatrev Productions is a production company and distributor founded on June 26, 2010 by Donner Damn. It targets animated films and shows produced by GoAnimate which would air on their video distribution area.

Koopatrev Productions' crew is known to be only consisting of Donner Damn, Seth Runs, and Ted Cunt. Runs and Cunt were known to be close friends of Damn, and joined the company shortly after it was launched.

List of shows and filmsEdit

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Franchise Creator(s) Title Ep. No. Originally aired Timeslot (EST)
Series premiere Series finale
Animation Tests Donner Damn
Seth Runs
Ted Cunt
Animation Tests 165 July 2, 2010 Currently airing Fridays 8.30pm
Donner Damn
Seth Runs
Ted Cunt
Daily Life Unaired Sketches 2 September 30, 2011 October 21, 2011 Fridays 11.30pm
Donner Damn
Seth Runs
Ted Cunt
1 Swears 1 Gone 2 October 24, 2011 October 31, 2011 Mondays 8.00pm
Daily life Donner Damn Daily life 28 December 3, 2011 February 24, 2012 Varies 9.00pm[nb 1]
Donner Damn The Daily Lives 116 September 28, 2012 Currently airing Fridays 9.00pm
N/A Seth Runs People Offers 25 April 11, 2012 May 1, 2013 Wednesdays 9.00pm
N/A Ted Cunt The Race 26 February 2, 2013 Currently airing Saturdays 9.00pm
N/A Seth Runs Best Cave 60 March 10, 2013 Currently airing Sundays 9.00pm
N/A Seth Runs
Ted Cunt
Made For Help 106 September 24, 2013 Currently airing Tuesdays 9.30pm
Franchise Director Title Release date
Animation Tests Donner Damn Animation Tests: Finally Big October 16, 2011
Donner Damn Animation Tests 2 February 28, 2013
Donner Damn Animation Tests 3 January 13, 2014
Daily life Donner Damn Daily Life: The Movie March 19, 2012[nb 2][nb 3]
Donner Damn Daily life: Disaster Week June 29, 2013

Entertainment websitesEdit

Main article: Koopatrev Community
Main article: Koopatrev Solo

Koopatrev Community and Koopatrev Solo are entertainment websites which post reviews of the Koopatrev media; they were established by Damn and Cunt, respectively.[2]


  1. Season 3 aired on Fridays at 9.00pm EST.
  2. The film was canceled on the same day before it aired.
  3. Also known as Daily life, and Daily Life: The Movie.


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