Removal of Gambling
Season One, Episode One
The two friends discuss the incident
Air date September 28, 2012
Written by Donner Damn
Directed by Donner Damn
Episode chronology
"Airport Conflicts"
(Daily life)
"Matt the Cook"
The Daily Lives (season 1)
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"Removal of Gambling" is the pilot episode of The Daily Lives. It aired on GoAnimate on September 28, 2012. It was written and directed by series creator Donner Damn. In this episode, two friends enter an economic crisis after gambling their money away.


After losing all his money after gambling, a man meets his friend in a train station to discuss it. They head to the restaurant and soon realize his friend cannot help him. The man loses his confidence and gambles again, to which he ends up losing all his money. He meets his friend again, but again, he cannot help him.

Production and developmentEdit

The episode was written and directed by Donner Damn. As a pilot of a "new series, again",[1] the episode focused on its previous animated series, Daily Life, where "different characters are shown with a number of everyday-life situations".[1] Damn express his concern on the "survival rate" of the series since Daily life was canceled.[2]


Daily life

The main ideas of this episode were discussed.[3] The original idea of the series itself "came to mind" after a discussion when Daily life was canceled.[3] They stated "It came up just a few days after it [Daily life] no longer aired, which was a dumbass thing to do. You know that, maybe a few days later, 'bam', it disappears."[3] The original idea for the pilot episode was to continue the episodes that would have aired if "the mishaps did not happen".[4][5]


The episode was well received. Koopatrev Community gave the episode a "B" grade.


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