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The Daily Lives (season 1)
Country of Origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original channel GoAnimate
Original run September 28, 2012 — April 26, 2013
Season chronology
Season 3 (Daily life)
Season 2

The first season of the animated series The Daily Lives premiered on GoAnimate on September 28, 2012. It was scheduled to debut on May 25, 2012, but was delayed to start on September 28, 2012.[1] Because of this, twelve episodes were taken out of the schedule.[1]


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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes #
"Removal of Gambling"
Donner Damn Donner DamnSeptember 28, 2012 ACX113 1 1
Two friends decide to gamble their money away in hopes to double it. However, things do not turn out the right way.
"Matt the Cook" Donner Damn Donner DamnOctober 5, 2012 ACX114 2 2
In the first Matt the Cook special, Matt deals with a broken stove to which the customers do not seem happy with.
"Boring Classes Piss Me Off" Donner Damn Donner DamnOctober 26, 2012 ACX115 3 3
A schoolboy deals with the boredom of school, and finding out the chaos behind his 'worst 10 classes' list.
"Classes Using Money" Donner Damn Donner Damn November 2, 2012 ACX116 4 4
The school principal is concerned with the overpriced equipment in her school, and has to find out a way to earn more money while maintaining a lively school. Meanwhile, the students attempt to break the new equipment and has to figure out a way to keep the incident hidden.
"I Like to Cook" Donner Damn Donner Damn November 9, 2012 ACX117 5 5
Concerned by her unhealthy lifestyle, a student tries to find a hobby, which is cooking, however results in her becoming the new school Cook and having the previous one fired. After many successful days of her new job, she is forced to join the Global Cooking Competitions which is a reality game show.
"The Cut" Donner Damn Donner Damn November 9, 2012 ACX118 6 6
Continuing from the previous episode, the student deals with her unexpected results including many cuts from the knives used while cooking and her failing to complete anything.
"Removal of Happiness" Donner Damn Donner DamnNovember 23, 2012 ACX119 7 7
A man is kicked out of his career after embarrassing himself and his company during a talk show. He tries to cope with his life now, which does not seem to be an easy thing to do.
"Gross, Gross!" Donner Damn Donner DamnNovember 30, 2012 ACX120 8 8
A socially awkward man moves to a town where he is not familiar with.
"Satisfaction" Donner Damn Donner Damn December 7, 2012 ACX121 9 9
In order to make him shine in his job, a man creates a television series himself. He is very successful, but when too much work and stress causes him to break down, he must either continue on his project or lose his many fans and money he would have continued making.
"Loans and Sells" Donner Damn Donner Damn December 14, 2012 ACX122 10 10
It's Christmas time, and the manager of the local mall has to earn attention from the town by decorating the mall and setting up live shows.
"Right in the Back" Donner Damn Donner Damn January 4, 2013 ACX123 11 11
A man is in an economic crisis, which causes him to think of extreme ways to earn money.
"Life of a Not-So-Well Student" Donner Damn Donner Damn January 4, 2013 ACX124 12 12
A student goes through his daily life, especially his school days with his unhelpful mom, teachers and friends who tease him all the time.
"Spectacular Systems" Donner Damn Donner DamnJanuary 11, 2013 ACX125 13 13
A man goes on vacation, only to find out his manager will be there as well. He must find a way to avoid him at all costs and get back home safely.
"Amazing Race" Donner Damn Donner DamnJanuary 18, 2013 ACX126 14 14
A couple manages to get on the reality show The Amazing Race, but soon takes advantage of the money given to them by the show.
"Director's Chair" Donner Damn Donner DamnFebruary 8, 2013 ACX127 15 15
A man creates a film by himself, and soon he makes millions out of this.
"Airport Conflicts" Donner Damn Donner DamnFebruary 15, 2013 ACX128 16 16
A man quits his job to fly to somewhere else. However, he is too indecisive to decide where he wants to go to, so he sues the airport in hopes of getting rich to fly to every single place on Earth.
"Lottery Concerns" Donner Damn Donner Damn February 22, 2013 ACX129 17 17
After winning the lottery, a man finds out that he has supernatural powers. He begins to abuse them and eventually mind controls the lottery company. However, his powers soon decline and the town takes revenge on him.
"Climate Conflicts" Donner Damn Donner Damn March 1, 2013 ACX130 18 18
A man time travels to the future to find out whether or not global warming was true, and finds out that the world will end very soon.
"Wildlife Care" Donner Damn Donner Damn March 15, 2013 ACX131 19 19
A man loses his job at the zoo after killing his co-workers, so he visits the animals and becomes a part of them.
"Do Not Judge Me" Donner Damn Donner Damn March 29, 2013 ACX132 20 20
A man attempts to take over the world.
"They All Meet" Donner Damn Donner Damn April 5, 2013 ACX133 21 21
A man and his friend's son find themselves trapped in the woods, with no way to get out. Meanwhile, the man's friend becomes worried and plans to commit suicide.
"Cause and Effect" Donner Damn Donner Damn April 12, 2013 ACX134 22 22
The first Cause and Effect special.

Cause: A man is thrown out of his church after angering the priests and starts his own religion, which then becomes a success, taking over Christianity. Meanwhile, a lifeguard goes into rehab after offering marijuana to children in the swimming pool in which he works in.
Effect: The man is targeted for assassination by the church which he was thrown out of. Meanwhile, the lifeguard attempts to escape the rehabilitation center.

"He's Stereotypically Gay" Donner Damn Donner Damn April 19, 2013 ACX135 23 23
A gay man is concerned by the ridiculously inaccurate stereotypes of homosexuals in the media, so he sets out to change them.
"Modern Days of Year-Zero" Donner Damn Donner DamnApril 26, 2013 ACX136 24 24
A man tells his family a story about how life was back in the first century.

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